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California, I Fell in Love With You

I was twenty-seven years old and I had never really traveled before. The minute I flew into California territory, I fell in love. I was shocked that there was life outside of my home state, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to return home.

I was amazed to see oceans upon oceans and experience weather that only God could have created. There were skateboarders, palm trees and amazing sunsets. California had some of the best taco spots, but I was impressed by their healthy food options. The smoothie shops were a new adventure for me because I was never really into smoothies. I visited a smoothie shop while in Laguna Beach, California called Banzai Bowls. This was a cute little spot that offered a variety of smoothies; they also had delicious acai bowls for the health nuts out there.

I loved California so much, that once I returned home to Atlanta, Georgia, I began applying to jobs in California. In less than a month after applying, I received a call from human resources in Redwood City inviting me to come interview for an available position.

I jumped at the opportunity to go. I took a lump-sum of money from my tax refund and booked my flight, hotel, and rental car. I was so excited to have an opportunity to shake up my life and experience something new.

Venice Beach, California

Yours truly at Runyon Canyon, although I was doing NO running

Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t so happy about me possibly moving across the country. I couldn’t overlook her feelings and I carried them with on my trip there. Long story short, I didn’t get the job. I felt guilty for almost leaving my family behind, but now, I still regret not putting my best foot forward in that interview. I could have been California living by now!

Here’s a “small world” moment, one of the women who interviewed me was originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia. That’s about twenty minutes from where I live in Georgia. I felt like that was a little inspiration from God, telling me that the move to California was very possible. He had put someone in my path who had accomplished exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

What went wrong with the interview, you ask? I showed up fifteen minutes late. The morning of the interview, I decided I was going to blow the whole thing off. A friend of mine, who knew I was interviewing that morning, called me and encouraged me to follow through. I took her advice, but upon arriving to the interview location, there were no parking spaces available. I had no idea where else to park; I didn’t know this city at all!

I was defeated in that moment. I called ahead to inform my interviewer that I would be late. They were very accommodating and still made time to speak with me. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be considered for the position after showing up late, but the fact that I attempted this interview was so amazing.

In the journey, God proved to me that I could do things I never imagined I could. He showed me that he would be with me the entire way and put people in places to remind me that anything is possible.

After I finished my interview, I noticed a little café across the street from the interview location. I went inside and had French toast and bacon. It was delicious! For a while, I became lost in the California sunshine; I knew I’d be back there soon.

Randy’s Donuts – Los Angeles, CA

If there’s something big you want to do, do it! God will go before you and catch you if you fall. We may not be successful in everything we attempt, but the attempt is always worth it.


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