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Solo Travel to Dallas, TX + See Where I Dined!

Dallas, Texas

I’ve started off the year 2021 taking flights! It’s only been two flights, but it’s way more than I took last year… lol! Both times I’ve traveled this year, I visited Dallas, Texas. Honestly, Dallas feels like a home away from home.

I feel like Dallas is so similar to my home state of Georgia, but in my opinion, it has so much more charm. The food, weather, aesthetic, and overall atmosphere left a nice impression on me.

The Food

It was nice to have many more options to choose from when deciding what to eat. I made it a rule to not eat at the same restaurants I frequent at home, which wasn’t hard to do at all.  With that being said, here are some of the places I grubbed:

BiscuitFrisco, TX

french toast & yogurt parfait w/strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, granola & almonds

Velvet TacoDallas, TX

beer battered Cauliflower tacos & Fish & Chips tacos

Pie Five PizzaFrisco, TX

farmer’s market personal pizza

Henry’s MajesticDallas, TX

waffles, eggs, mimosa, frozen titos cocktail, pecan chocolate pie, peach cobbler empanada

smothered biscuits & gravy

FreshiiDallas, TX

tortilla soup

My favorite place is Velvet Taco. The vegetarian options are just too good. I tried Velvet Taco in Atlanta, but it was no comparison to the one on Mckinney avenue in Dallas. The service, taste, and ambiance in Dallas is unmatched.

The Weather

The weather in Dallas can switch up on you real quick, but sometimes this can be a good thing. When the sun is out, it seems to really shine! I know that sounds a bit corny, but it’s true. The sunshine was so amazing, I had to open my blinds every morning because it just seemed to be knocking at my window.

The highways and roads played a big part in the “brightness.” I noticed that many of the roads are much lighter in color than many others I’ve seen. While Googling this, I learned that many of the roads in Dallas are made of concrete instead of asphalt. Concrete has a lighter finish than asphalt, in which it adds a brightness to the overall look of everything.

The Aesthetics

While driving the highways of Dallas, I noticed that you’ll almost always have to go up, around, or down a bridge or ramp. Traveling underneath the ramps gives a true visual of the architectural beauty and design of the highways. Just seeing the ramps intertwine with each other, it can be breathtaking. I was always oohing an aahing at every turn.

Fort Worth Water Gardens had to be my favorite attraction! The sound of the waterfall and the visually pleasing architecture was enough to make you stay there all day. I was totally in awe. There were giant concrete steps that lead down to the middle of the waterfall, but of course I was too afraid to go all the way down, I went halfway though! Maybe next time I’ll make it to the bottom.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

I was too shook to go all the way to the bottom of this waterfall. Next time I’ll get her done…lol!

Trip Highlight

The highlight of my trip to Dallas was hanging out with a friend I met through blogging. I saw on her blog,, that she and her husband made the big move to Dallas. I reached out to her to see if she wanted to hang out, and so that’s what we did! We spent our day at this cute little brunch spot called Henry’s Majestic.

Henry’s Majestic – Cute little brunch spot

We sat and had girl talk and talked a bit about self-improvement. It was genuinely good vibes, and I was extremely happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to reach out to her. We ended our night with cocktails and dessert. It was a much-needed outing that I look forward to having more of.

This won’t be my last visit to Dallas. When I go back, I look forward to cultivating more relationships and finding more gems in the city. The second time in Dallas was lovely and I can’t wait to return.


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